Foreign Policy with Mexico

Topics: Mexico, United States, Felipe Calderón Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Cheyenne Tarselli
Mrs. Gasser
Honors Government
November 30th 2012
Foreign Policy and Mexico
A nation’s foreign policy is designed to target the needs of all nations, both international and domestic. We have relations with numerous countries including Mexico. One of the major issues the United States has with Mexico is immigration. The main concern is to protect our country however. Many laws have to be enforced in order for the well being of the United States. Since September 11th, many have feared foreigners coming into our country. Foreign policy has strengthened ties but fear continues to be instilled in citizens. The relations go beyond diplomatic contacts since Mexico is the United States second largest export market. This is one reason we keep close ties to this country. They also have abundant oil plants and the government may find new ways to reform oil and gas production which will greatly increase the North American energy security. Furthermore we are working closely with the Mexican government to improve property protection. Security of our country will always remain an issue with Mexico because they have one of the largest drug trafficking organizations. The Mexican government will need to reform police officers and courts so that trafficking can be better controlled. Immigration is another major issue between these two countries. Mexico is still the leading country for incoming illegal immigrants. In 2007 President Felipe Calderon denounced immigration because he said it claimed to tear families apart in Mexico. He also stated he was trying to create more jobs to reduce the amount of immigration to the United States. Many American citizens are fed up with the incoming immigrants because they claim to come here to make a better life for themselves but instead they go on welfare and collect money from the government. This is why our country has the high priority of enforcing immigration laws. Mexico and the United States have always been...
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