Foreign Policy

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Unit 3: National Expansion
Essay: Foreign Policy
Under current economic models, corporations are globalized, you can communicate with someone in China as if you're talking to your next door neighbor. If the US were to remain isolated from other nations, it would negatively impact trade that has become a part of our daily lives - for everything from rice to oil to silicon. Trade is what drives economies and policy. To maintain and improve quality of life, which should be the goal of any civilization, it must take into account globalization. To not follow this policy would make life as we know it extremely difficult to sustain. At the same time, necessity is the mother of invention. If we shut out ourselves from fellow civilizations, we may soon discover a new energy source; but we can look at one current example of a country that has shut out all other countries - North Korea. I don't know if the citizens are truly happy there, I assume not, from what I've heard of the people who try to escape, and not allowing your citizens basic medical needs which are available everywhere else in the world, and instead letting them suffer, seems completely inhumane. At any rate, this is not a black and white issue, there are many pieces to the puzzle that must be addressed to let us know if this policy would be beneficial to the citizens of the country. Many policies need to be put into place and many problems must be solved in order to maintain a happy population
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