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Topics: Second language, Language education, Foreign language Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: September 22, 2010
Foreign Languages, Fun or Fury?

Some parents think that children should have to learn foreign languages at school, while others think it should be free choice. Teachers of other subjects in schools believe that the student’s time could be better spent in other classes. This has been a long running debate, time for a conclusion!

Many believe second languages are wasted in later life. This is due to the fact that many countries’ around the World can speak English. For example, in France, over a third of the population can speak English, furthermore, in Germany; over half the population can speak English. Yet we are forced to learn German and French at many schools throughout the United Kingdom. Why bother when many speak English? Many feel it is a waste of time, as English is the second most spoken language in the World, with an estimated 508 million people speaking it. Therefore, should we be forced to learn a second language when so many people know English? Yes, because English is not the superior language.

Are we, as British citizens, simply being ignorant? In my opinion people who do not take the time to learn another language are being ignorant. What we need to realise is that being close to the most spoken language English is not. Therefore we should be encouraged to learn the language of the World. Mandarin. With over one billion people speaking Mandarin it is clearly the most spoken language in the World. Should we not be respectful, and learn the language? In addition, only just over a quarter of the Italian and Spanish population can speak English. Many of us may go on holiday in these countries and expect them to speak English, why is this? We should respect the countries we choose to visit by learning a little of their language. It may also help to encourage cultural diversity.

Furthermore, knowing the basis of a second language could improve your career. It has been proven in a recent report that speaking a second language could increase...
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