Foreign Invasion

Topics: Poverty, Ghana, Sociology Pages: 5 (1373 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Community Psychology is one of the prominent areas in the study of Psychology in general which helps provide Psycho-Social support for individuals in an established community. This has invited a lot of research topics in the area such as teenage pregnancy, school dropout, poverty and other environmental issues. A community may be defined as a group of people sharing a common geographic area, a common value system, common needs and interests and who have had similar or shared experiences ( ). Everyone would dream of living in a serene and comfortable environment: one which has almost all the required amenities in terms of schools, hospitals, recreational centers and the like. This mostly is not the case. It is an unarguable fact that communities in Ghana are faced with some challenges like poor roads, water, and electricity to mention a few ( ). In as much as a community may also have all the required features needed a key question that quickly comes to mind is that “Is there peace of mind in such a community?” On the 28th of March 2013, a community study by a six member group was carried out at Christian Village a suburb of Accra close to the Achimota Golf Club in the Greater-Accra region. This famous village with a population of almost two thousand is between the University of Ghana, Legon and the Achimota Secondary School (Youth and Human Rights, Ghana, 2003). Its location is five minutes’ drive from the Legon campus. The inhabitants are predominantly Ewes. The young men are mainly golf caddies while the women are engaged in a variety of activities to support their husbands and family. Interestingly, most of the inhabitants come from Adangbe in Togo. Recently, there have been huge migrations of Nigerians who are there for several reasons. The community is not very deprived. Upon arrival, we saw an ICT facility, a library, schools and some churches. Entry and collaboration

Upon arrival, the first person we came into contact with was a fashion designer about 100 meters from the outskirt of the community. After revealing our identity, she directed us to the house of the Assemblyman. According to the fashion designer, the Chief has traveled as part of his duties in the interest of the community and would be back in three-days. In about five minutes, we arrived at the house of the Assemblyman who welcomed us and opened a way for discussion. As part of the discussion, we revealed our identity and communicated our objectives. Being pleased with that he gave us an assurance of safety in the community and encouraged us to take the study on as it’s not only going to benefit the individuals who will be involved in the study but also the community as a whole. The need for collaboration was important because community members become more willing to act on any recommendations and also help establish program that arises from the findings of the study. Relationship with community members

The kind of relationship was that of a guest-host. At every level of interaction with members of the community we made ourselves aware of this relationship and thereby enquiring only about issues of relevant to the study and not issues of personal interest. METHODS

The objectives of the study were to:
enquire the most prominent social problem confronting the people of Christian Village gain an understanding of how the people view this social problem in the context of their own experiences help draw an intervention program.

Study method
Two methods were used. The first was focus group discussion where an interview was conducted with six different people at different locations who were matched on certain key variables like age and gender. This was to help have a holistic view in understanding the problem. The second method used was ethnography. This method was used purposely to gain an understanding of how community members view their own experiences and also allow them to use their...
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