Foreign Exchange Management

Topics: United States dollar, Foreign exchange market, Technical analysis Pages: 3 (314 words) Published: May 22, 2013
SUB: Foreign Exchange Management

Q1) Explain the difference between National and international money? Marks(5)

Q2) Describe theory of vehicle currencies? Marks(5)

Q3) Describe Currency competition between the euro, Marks(5) the dollar and the yen?

Q4) Explain Trading volumes and transaction costs from the Marks (5) short run to the long run?

Q5) Give a short brief on A Market for the 21st Century  Marks (5)

Q6) Describe the history of forex with the help of following points? Marks (7)

a) The Roots of Modern Currency
b) The Clash Between Governments and Markets
c) Trends That Rocked the Forex World
d) The Rise and Fall of the Modern Gold Standard
e) The Rise of the Euro
f) The Internet Trade Revolution: Banks Hated It, Speculators Loved It, and the Market Demanded It g) Seeing the World through Forex.

Q7) write a short not on the following The Basics of Foreign Exchange. Marks (36)

|Spot |Order Cancels Other |IDAC | |Quotes |Stop-Limit Order |SFC | |Majors |Rollovers |FSA | |Cross Rates |Interest Rate Differentials, or Rollover |ASIC | |Pips |Charge |CFTC and NFA | |Bid/Ask  |Leverage |NFA | |Lot |Controlling Leverage...
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