Foreign Aid Speech

Topics: International relations, Aid, Development Assistance Committee Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Whether Australia’s foreign aid should be reduced
Today I’m bringing a serious subject that has influenced the world and the development of countries around us into perspective. Foreign aid, and how the government should increase it, but first we have to ask the question, “What is foreign aid?” Simply, it is the economic, or military aid given by one nation to another for purposes of relief and rehabilitation, for economic stabilization, or for mutual defense. The G20 or group of 20 is the premier forum for its members’ international economic cooperation and decision making. And their existence is more important than ever because the world’s economy is in such a precarious state and so the decisions they make will be vital in the development of poorer countries. A part of this that people may not recognize is that when the economy is weak, the poorest countries suffer the most. $1 dollar can help a hundred people in a poor country more than it can help someone in a rich or developed country. Although we have stronger affinity towards our citizens and if money was equally effective we would choose our own citizens first, when it’s 100 times more effective in impacting lives, then we think we’re all human beings. The suffering of a mother whose child is sick and might die is a universal value. And if a dollar has so much impact then I must ask you, not as a student, but as a fellow human: why are we all still so greedy? If I were to ask you what percentage of the federal budget is spent on foreign aid, would you be surprised that it is 0.35%? That equates to $5.44 billion dollars of our GNI (gross national income) in 2012. The government expects to reach 0.5% by 2017, but in recent media, Julie Bishop, the Minister of foreign affairs has implemented a cap of 5 billion dollars over the next two financial years. The promise Australia made with the UN along with many other developed countries, was an agreed 0.7% of our countries GNI. The 2014 Australian budget IS a...
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