Foreign Aid

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St Paul’s Catholic College, Manly
2013 Formal assessment task
Student information sheet

|Student name / number | | |Subject |Geography | |Year |10 | |Task number |Task 1- Australia’s Regional and Global Links | |Task weighting |30% | |Components assessed |A – Communication | |(component weightings – Stage 6) |C – Geographical Knowledge | |Date task was issued |Term 1 - Week 6 | |Date task is due |Term 1 - Week 10 |

|All your own work: | |When completing the requirements of an assessment task all students must: | |(a) be honest about what is their own work and what is not, and about where they got their information. | |(b) list all sources used and correctly cite each source. | |(c) write using their own words, i.e. communicate what they have learnt in their own words. | |Serious consequences will result for any student not following these requirements. This may include being awarded a zero mark, the issue of an official | |warning letter etc. |

|Focus outcomes assessed: | |5.2 |analyses, organises and synthesises geographical information | |5.3 |selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical | | |information | |5.7 |analyses the impacts of different perspectives on geographical issues at local, national and global scales | |5.9 |explains Australia’s links with other countries and its role in the global community | |5.10 |applies geographical knowledge, understanding and skills with knowledge of civics to demonstrate informed and active citizenship |

|Task overview: | |This task focuses on Australia’s regional and global links. It is an in-class assessment task consisting of two parts:...

Links: | |Australian Governments. 2010 |
|Examples of countries that receive|[pic] |
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