Fordlândia: Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Colonialism

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Fordlândia: Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Colonialism

Question 1 - Based on the information provided in the case, what could the list look like, that Archibald Johnston started to compile (at the end of section Adeus Fordlândia – bem-vindo Belterra!)? Can you identify challenges that can be labelled as hypernorms or authentic norms?

Ford built up a new community for the people living in the jungle and gave them new opportunities. They got access to free education, healthcare, jobs and a home with electricity and water to live in. Ford did also build a well-functioning infrastructure, since it did not was any railways or good working roads to use to transport their products on. Ford gave the locals everything they thought they needed to live a good life, but the respondents from the locals was negative.

The people living in the community were served the same food. It was a type of food the locals never had eaten before. Ford wanted their workers to eat healthy food that was an attempt to shape their workforce to their own ideas. The locals were also “forced” to join poetry sessions and square dance classes, which they did not like. Another problem could be that Ford did not take into considerations that their cultures were different. They did just do their own thing, without concerning that the locals had another type of culture.

Hypernorms is very basic and is about what is ethical for the humanity, religious and political ideas can be involved. I believed that when Ford opened the new plant they kind of "run over" the country government and their power to decide what they Ford got approved to do and not do. Almost everything changed, how they should work but also how they should live. The advantage in these changes might be obvious, but the country probably did not want the changes. Ford gave the country no opportunity to have their own opinion how to do this.

The Authentic norms are about social morality and it is based on the attitudes and...
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