Ford Pinto Case Study

Topics: Ford Pinto, Ethics, Ford Motor Company Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: December 13, 2010

Ford Pinto Case Study
Shannon Arrighi, Brad Collins, Chasity Mobley, and Tom Tumminelli University of Phoenix

Ford Pinto Case Study
Faced With The Ethical Dilemma
In this ethical dilemma the team agrees it would have been handled differently. Within our group it seems that there would be different opinions of how it would have been handled. As an industry professional, ones moral obligation and responsibility of every employee within the organization to do everything he or she can within his or her power to ensure the company is providing a safe product for customers. One would have implemented a voluntary recall. The voluntary recall would have cost Ford less than $20.9 million estimated by the company. Because all the customers who purchased a Ford Pinto would not have brought the cars into have the baffle added. However, the voluntary recall would have limited Ford’s responsibility over future legal claims as the company would have notified the public of the increased risk and would have given the public an option to reduce their risk (Newton & Ford, 2008). By not bringing the Ford Pinto into a service facility to have the baffle added, the customer assumed a large portion and liability as they ignored the warning that was provided by the company (Newton & Ford, 2008). One can understand the concern Ford was facing by the Japanese automakers. Due to the pressure one can understand the decision Ford made by putting together an aggressive engineering and production timeline (Newton & Ford, 2008). However, morally and ethically ones obligations would have insisted all safety requirements were met. Some of us could not have made the decision to push the roll out of the new vehicle knowing the organization was exposing customers to a significant risk. One should consider the possible negative alternatives. The data presented was unmistakably favoring the installation of the...
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