Ford Pinto

Topics: Minimum wage, Water resources, Wage Pages: 5 (1805 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Lottie George
Part, Two Water for Profit, John LuomaFebruary 26, 2013
Should Water be Free?
Today’s economy is mostly comprised of wealthy business investors and major corporations. Fresh water resources are being controlled or being angle drilled by private corporations from across the world. This article by John Luoma, Privatization refers to: To change (an industry or business) from Government or public ownership or control to a private enterprise dealing with private water companies and public utilities. There have been records shown that the costs are soaring and services for these companies have lapsed and millions of dollars of consumer funds are not allocated properly. By these global companies dominating smaller competitors, there are little choices left, and as a result, there were protests, riots and scandals. Two largest France based corporations, Suez and Vivendi private water companies manage water for 230 million people. Whereas, United States has about 85% of its consumers receiving water from public utilities companies have been urged to go with privatization. Water is truly an essential commodity. In places like Manila where the water is controlled by Suez, they are monitoring water usage to each family for about two hours a day and families have to decide whether to pay the water bill or provide food for the family. The water is also being tested for unclean and harmful bacteria that the treatment facilities failed to report when being inspected, but their contracts are still being renewed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has demanded the water companies spend nearly $151 billion to repair pipes, filters, storage tanks and other infrastructures over the next two decades. Companies like United Water and Professional Services Group were convicted bribery and racketeering, mail fraud, and falsifying tax returns regarding water contracts. There is a need for tighter supervision regarding these private water companies and more attention to a cleaner water supply Part Two, Economic Crisis, Barbara Ehreneich, Robert Kuttner Not all Americans benefit from the economic resources from the United States, which is the world’s largest economy. As technology advances, there still are inadequate living standards for most American families. Employers in some industries, like in the restaurant industry, are paying lower wages making it almost impossible for a family to survive on such small amounts of income without having to get more than one job or other means of financial support. Some industries are producing more with machines than with human production and in turn, the people are forced off of their jobs. Journalist, Barbara Ehreneich article focuses on lower end wages for workers and their income support for the poor in certain industries. She investigated the restaurant profession and went to work in a restaurant. Barbara realized that she was more than qualified, still receiving low wage pay, but the employer decided to offer more of the skilled jobs to ones that were in the middle class bracket. Debt is a severe problem among most adults in America but is now reaching younger adults at alarming speed and now that the rate of homelessness is reaching a higher level, and the financial institutions just don’t have the revenue to bail out debtors without high interest rates, putting the poor working class in dire straits and forcing many families onto the streets. According to Bill Clinton, his phrase for explaining the deficit in this country and the best way to solve it….”work hard and play by the rules”. That philosophy seems to be unreachable and is warranted by the higher powered, higher paid individuals. Robert Kuttner states that the economic crisis and government regulations are more efficient if the people rely on the government the least. The economy is unstable and inefficient.

Part Two, Nickel-and-Dime (not) Getting by in America, Barbara...
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