Ford Motor Company - Quality of Earnings Growth Analysis

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Ford Motor Company: Quality of p y y Earnings Growth Analysis (A)


Ford Motor Company
 

Earnings improvement over past 3 quarters have come from accounting adjustments Nov 11, 2003  

Common stock price: $13.14 52-week range: $6 to $13 (Still some 60% below its beginning 1999 price level)

     

Incorporated in Delaware Incorporate in 1919 Acquired: Ford Motor Company, Michigan Company incorporated in 1903 Acquired to produce and sell automobiles designed and engineered by Henry Ford d In 2003: Worlds 2nd largest producer of cars and trucks combined f Along with its subsidiaries engaged in other business as well..,  

Financing Renting vehicles and equipment


Ford Motor Company

Two principal business sectors include..,
 

Automobile – design develop manufacture sold and serviced design, develop, manufacture, cars and trucks Financial services.., –

Companies include include..,  Ford Motor Credit Company  The Hertz Corporation – rented out cars, light trucks, industrial and construction equipment Engaged in..,  Vehicle related financing  Leasing  Insurance


Revitalization Plan

In 2003: two years into revitalization plan aimed at..,
 

Reversing a declining market share Turning losses into profits High-incentive spending – –

Plan included..,

2002: $3,000 2001: $1,200

       

Reduction R d ti workforce kf Introduction of new cars production 2004 (500 Sedan) Aggressive cost cutting –

End of 2003: $1.3 billion

Improved product quality Reduction of plant capacity Divestutures Discontinuance o flow margin models – Ford Escort Redesign of the F-Series pickup

Low interest rates and high profitability achieved g y


Revitalization Plan

Continuing problems..,
 

Persistent losses incurred by the company’s European operations – lost $1,2 billion over the first nine months of 2003 In 2003: takes charge of $600 million for restructuring its European operations

 

$56 million of which was recognized in 3rd quarter 2003 income statement Company expected the restructuring to contribute $450 million to 2004 operating earnings and about $550 million per year


Financial Results by Major Business

Automotive sector A t ti t Financial Services sector Income/(loss) before cumulative effect of change in accounting principle Cumulative effect of change in accounting principle Total company net income/(loss)

First Nine Months Net Income/(Loss) 2002 -805 805 957 152 -1002 -850


Unusual It U l Items Included in Ford’s I l d d i F d’ Nine Months Results (in Millions) First Nine Months Benefit/ (Charge) B fit/ (Ch ) 142 -525 -141 141 -46 -570 570 -457 -113

Interest Income on U.S. federal tax refund Loss on sale of Kwik-Fit and other businesses SFAS No. 133 non cash charge No non-cash Non-cash accrual for European end-of-life vehicles directive Total unusual items Memo: Automotive sector Financial Services sector


Accounting Related Observations
 

Underlying profitability did not appear to be improving i i Had made a no. of accounting adjustments that contributed roughly $2 billi of earnings t ib t d hl billion f i improvement over first nine months of 2003 Doubt – company distorted results?


Discussion Question

Do you agree with the conclusion that ‘a meaningful amount of Ford’s F d’ earnings i i improvement over th t three quarters h come f t has from accounting adjustments, as a opposed to real improvements in the company’s underlying profitability?


Discussion Question

What a adjustment, if any, would you make to the 2003 first nine month first-nine-month earnings to determine if 2003 ninenine month earnings did or did not represents a ‘real’ improvement?


Discussion Question

Do you agree with Ford’s measurement and assessment of the value to investors of 1) its automotive segment’s total operating-related cash-flows, cash...
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