Ford Fiesta Case

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Case Questions for Ford Fiesta
Instructions: This exercise is to be completed individually. You may discuss the assignment in a group, but each person should complete the exercise separately. Please provide a clear, concise, and well organized essay that addresses at least the following questions. You are free to address other issues in the case as well. The intent of the assignment is to have you think critically about the marketing problems faced in the case. It is important that you consider both sides of the argument when you answer these questions. Analyze the quantitative material, if any, in the case to support your answers. Spend most of your time in defining and defending your recommendation for what should be done. Good answers may require assumptions of facts that may not be presented in the case. You are welcome to make these assumptions, but please state these assumptions and briefly justify why that are reasonable. Also, you may use whatever resources you can locate to provide further information about this industry or the web in general. Please reference your sources. Your response must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and a 10 to 12 point font size. This writeup must not exceed 2 pages in length. You may attach exhibits, tables, and/or graphs to support your arguments. These supporting materials must be referenced in the text and do not count toward the 2 page limit. Required: 1. How should Ford evaluate the success of this social media campaign? What metrics do you believe are helpful in answering this question? 2. Do you think Fiesta agents’ content was changing people’s opinion about Ford? How can Ford encourage the agents to describe or demonstrate the vehicles advantages? Or should it even try? 3. How should Ford follow-up the success of this campaign? (Hint: What would an interactive marketing strategy suggest?)

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