ford business plan

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Ford Business Plan
Pretax profit of $2013 in 8.6 billion, an increase of $603 million from a year earlier, the annual earnings per share of $1.62, 21 cents per share increase compared with the same period last year. But the annual net profit of $7.2 billion, or $1.76 a share. Generate profits in North America and Asia Pacific Africa; Just balance in South America; Reduce the losses last year in Europe. Ford motor credit company profitability. Full-year revenue growth and volume and total wholesale company income increased by 12% and 12%, respectively, compared with the same period last year rose to support the market share of the Asia-pacific region in the United States, South America and Africa, this is the record's market share in China. Ford ended 2013 with Automotive gross cash of $24.8 billion, exceeding debt by $9.1 billion, and a strong liquidity position of $36.2 billion.Ford’s outlook for 2014 is unchanged. CORPORATE LEADERSHIP:

J Mays, group vice president and chief creative officer, Design, retiring after 33-year career in the automotive industry .Moray Callum elected vice president, Design, to succeed Mays. Jim Tetreault, vice president, North America Manufacturing, retiring after 25-year career at Ford . Bruce Hettle elected vice president, North America Manufacturing, to succeed Tetreault. Marty Mulloy, vice president, Labor Affairs, retiring after 34-year career at Ford. Bill Dirksen elected vice president, Labor Affairs, to succeed Mulloy .Steven Armstrong elected a Ford Motor Company vice president and president, Ford South America . COMPANY HISTORY:

The ford motor company is one of the world's largest car companies.The ford motor company was founded in the early 20th century, with the founder Henry Ford "system Everyone can afford a car maker "dreams and remarkable foresight, Ford motor company after a century of wind and rain vicissitudes of life, finally became one of the world's four major automobile group co., LTD. In 2013, it has the world famous auto brand: Ford, Lincoln. In addition, also has the world's largest credit companies - Ford Financial corp, the world's largest car rental company Hertz and customer service brand Quality Care. The economic crisis in 2008, Ford was the only one without national relief and auto group themselves out of the crisis. PRODUCT HISTORY:

Something important in the history of the ford motor product models: Ford Thunderbird, was born in 1955.Thunderbird models on October 22, 1954 for the first time in dealer showrooms, sells for $2695, compared to $3000 to $4000 plus shipping. People suddenly conquered for the Thunderbird, the first sales period is 10 days for more than 3500 orders. Mustang sports car is a civilians, a clear-cut four type 1965 Mustang became the "darling" of the United States. Brought in 100000 in the first one hundred days of sales, at a price of $2368.That year's total sales hit a record 418812 vehicles, far beyond market research forecast of 100000 units. Now the American mustang is also very popular on the market. F series trucks since 1948, the world's consumers, businesses and commercial fleet customers bought 27.5 million F series about pickup. In 1995, F series over Volkswagen beetle became in the history of the world's best-selling car brands, including cars and trucks. In North America, F series truck 21 consecutive years become the best-selling vehicles, a total of 26 years won the title of best-selling car. FUTURE PROJECTIONS:

In ford's future predictions: car for the whole year income is expected to grow by about 10%, the market share growth in all parts of the outside Europe, the ford expects higher retail retail share of passenger car industry, and increase the market share of commercial vehicles.Africa and China in the Asia Pacific region, ford will expand market share.Ford implement transformation plan has made good progress in Europe earlier this year announced plans to restructure the business in Australia....

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