Ford and Toyota Quality Managment

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Ford and Toyota Quality Management
March 26, 2012

Ford and Toyota Quality Management
In today’s global economy it is important that companies focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty rather than profits. To do this quality must play a part in day-to-day operations. This paper will address the similarities between Ford and Toyota. In the 1980s Ford Motor Company used the total quality management approach and used the slogan “Quality is Job 1.” TQM is a process that has guidelines set by management. “TQM meant processes at all levels of production were strictly followed, constantly developed upon, and improved mostly through customer quality satisfaction surveys” (Scheid, 2011, p. 2).

In the late 1990s a risk management specialist joined the ranks of Ford Motor Company and improved the TQM system by including a Consumer Driven Six Sigma Process. Using the Six Sigma Process Fords warranty repairs decreased by 60%. Using the design and engineering analysis process workers can identify possible problems before a product is put into production and sold to consumers, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Along with TQM and the Six Sigma Process Ford also uses the DMAIC process. This process has established consistency in the Ford team. Ford also cross-trains engineers, plant managers, and production specialists. As it looks to the future Ford is making strides to ensure that the consumer is satisfied and will remain a loyal customer.

Toyota uses the Quality Assurance System. This system dates back to the early 1900s when Sakichi Toyoda was building and improving looms. He was approached about doing performance testing for comparisons with other looms. He was less than satisfied with the results of the testing and this led him to the conclusion that he could not leave production of his product to others.


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