Forcing Religion to Children

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Forcing Religion to Children

Many Parents believe the only way to keep their religion for many generations is for it to be forced. Parents should wait until the child’s brain is more developed before introducing them to religion. I believe parents are forcing religion every day to children, who don’t even know the true reason behind what’s really happening.

When children are taught about religion at a very young age, they think this way for the rest of their life, and don’t have that ability to reason. They treat religion as a hundred percent true with no true question of if it’s made up or not. In my opinion children should be taught how to think, not to be forcefully taught. Children should be able to ask questions but religion teaches that asking a question that’s not possible to answer is a sin or a form of going against the religion.

Many people would argue that children need to be taught religion young so they practise it their entire life but were trying to show children how life can be worked not how life should be worked. The human race has factors of many different religions and races some are forced picked and some are chosen.

When I have children, I was considering teaching them about religion but not a life time of religion but at a certain point stop teaching them about it and wait to see what their reaction is. If my child wants to continue with the religious beliefs they are welcomed to but if they slowly ignore it and repeatedly try to avoid it then I will not force them to practise it. My goal as a parent is to show them how to become a better person not to force my children into a religion they don’t care about.

In conclusion, having someone telling you what to do and how to do it is very annoying and can be a form of neglect but helping someone guide them to a path of their choice is a lot better than forcing them too.
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