Forces Shaping Honduras Culture

Topics: Honduras, Nicaragua, Central America Pages: 4 (655 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Major forces shaping Honduran core cultural values

1. Geographic
* Honduras is a country located in Central America, which borders the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean * The Honduran territory consists mainly of mountains with narrow plains along its coastal area * Three distinct topographical regions:

* Extensive interior highland area
* Two narrow coastal lowlands
* The climate varies from tropical in the lowlands to temperate in the mountains * The Caribbean lowlands have a tropical wet climate, high temperature and humidity, rainfall fairly evenly distributed throughout the year * The Pacific lowland had a tropical wet and dry climate with high temperature but a distinct dry season from November through April * The interior highlands also have a distinct dry season; temperatures decrease as elevation increases as a characteristic of tropical highland climate. * Honduras lies within the hurricane belt

* Lluvia de Peces (Rain of Fish)
2. History
* Pre-colonial period
* Modern Honduras was part of the Mesoamerican cultural area * In the west, the Maya civilization flourished for hundreds of years * Conquest period
* Christopher Columbus became the first European to visit the Bay Islands on the cost of Honduras * In 1524 the Spanish arrived on Honduras and completed the conquest within the following two decades. * The Spanish ruled the region for about three centuries

* Colonial period
* Honduras was organized as a province of the “Kingdom of Guatemala” * Spanish conquest and settlement in Honduras for silver mining, and brought slaves from other parts of Central America * Independence and the 19th century

* Honduras became independent from Spain in 1821 and was for a time under the Mexican Empire * Become an independent republic and held regular elections since 1838 * Since independence, Hondurans experienced nearly 300 small internal rebellions and civil...
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