Forced Religion

Topics: Religion, God, Christianity Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Forced Religion
In the United States, there are so many people who follow several different religious beliefs. They pray to different gods and even eat different foods depending on the religion that they follow. Everyone is entitled to believe anything one wants to believe, and this is a right that everyone has in our country. The problem that surfaces with religion is when one thinks his or her religion is better than another’s and should be followed by everyone. It is great to think that everyone can follow whatever religion he or she wants, but in reality, who is given the choice to really choose? Whether it is by parents, friends, or even the missionaries who travel around neighborhoods, there is always someone trying to project his or her religious views on others. This is why no one should try to force his or her religion on someone else. It is senseless to try to force someone to believe something without choosing for himself or herself; religious people should not morally force their beliefs on others. One way that others try to force their religion on to people that is particularly annoying is by stopping them in public. Just like a salesperson at a kiosk in the mall, these people will disrupt a conversation, or even just one’s path to state their religious views. This can upset people in many ways. Whether it be that a person just does not want to be bothered, or that they believe in another religion, it can be equally offensive in both situations. In my personal experience when someone does this to one of my friends or me, he or she is often greeted by rudeness. If they are going to be rude enough to interrupt me with something I have heard before and do not care to hear again, then I am going to be rude back. An example of one of these spiels these people use would be, “Excuse me. Have you been introduced to Jesus, and let god into your life?” This is an extremely offensive way to approach someone in public. I feel uncomfortable when this happens and...

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