Forbidden Clothes Essay

Topics: Short story Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: May 22, 2006
How would you feel if you were bounded by religion to do exactly what your parents wanted you to? If you were very restricted to what you could wear? Would you have the courage to stand up to your parents and your religion? In the short story "Forbidden Clothes", that is Nasreen's situation. She is restricted to what she can wear and do. Yet, she still had the courage to stand up against what she was raised to believe. Even though Nasreen got beaten for her actions, nothing made her falter, not even her own self-guilt against her parents. Her actions against what she does not want to do also inspire others in the same situations to do the same. This rebellion is not a sign of betrayal, but rather a heroic feat. Nasreen is a heroic figure for standing up for what she believes in, achieving this by combating her parents and religion.

Nasreen comes from a country where everybody is obedient to religion, and she moves to a place not bound by this. Nasreen learned this very quickly, and wanted to fit with her new friends. Not many girls in Nasreen's situation would be able to do what she did. She stood up for herself, and what she believed was right, not being the person her community, parents and religion want her to. Her parents want her to wear her veil everywhere, among other things. Nasreen does the opposite. This is a heroic feat because she is not bowing down and giving in to what she does not believe in. This is shown in the story when Nasreen says: "I don't care how often I get beaten… he stops me having what freedom I have left". (Elements of English, p. 268). This quote shows how determined she is in her cause and stand up for herself.

Nasreen's tough and rebellious personality is a cause for her actions for standing up for herself. These rebellious acts will serve as an example for other young women in her situation, who wish to do the same, to fit in to the society in which they are newly accustomed to. Many other people may see Nasreen's...
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