For The Love Of Zombies

Topics: The Zombie Survival Guide, Night of the Living Dead, Zombie apocalypse Pages: 3 (566 words) Published: October 15, 2014

Hillary Dietahin
Eng. 101
Mr. Anstett
3 October 2014
For The Love of Zombies
In First, Eat All the Lawyers, Bosch makes compelling comparisons using American television shows and books such as Colson Whitehead's Zone One, Max Brooks’ World War Z, and one of Americas favorite television shows, The Walking Dead. She tells the plot of the show and explains how it correlates to the real world. She gives specific roles as to who a character in the television show is in real life. She interprets that the people of this nation are zombies and white collared workers are the most important people in the society now as to blue- collared workers who don’t receive that much attention; however with Bosch portraying human beings as zombies, if society keeps going in the direction it is going now, the roles of importance and relevance would flip because only the strong will survive and blue- collared workers are classified, according to Bosch, as the strong. If we are to look into societies economic stand point, anyone can see that it is suffering. There has been recession, natural disasters, wars etc. All have come right after the other and that is what causes our nation to degrade. Bosch ties The Walking Dead back to real life by purveying the message that the zombies in the show represents our society's economy in a fiscal manner. She says, "At the risk of reading too deeply into a guilty pleasure, I can’t help but believe that this current Era of the Dead draws its power from our economic malaise." (Bosch 651). She is communicating that we are all zombies in this world and that The Walking Dead gets its very intriguing plot from us. She also ties it back to white and blue collared workers and their relevance in our zombie world. If you look at society now you see that there is a big demand for white collared workers such as lawyers, accountants, stock brokers, etc... And there are very few in the world compared to the many blue- collared workers out there. Bosch...

Cited: Bullock, Richard H., and Maureen Daly. Goggin. "First, Eat All The Lawyers." The Norton Field Guide to Writing, with Readings. New York: W. W. Norton, 2007. 651-54. Print.
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