For the American Dream

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Generation Y, Jim Crow laws Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Javier Issac Arredondo
Mr. Andres Martinez
HIST 1302.001
28 May 2013
For the American Dream
One key element that I would like to point out for the description of the concept of the American Dream is the gender roles in the 1950's. In that timeframe shortly after World War II, many people focused on the exterior materials that most people could finally afford to purchase, such as a television set (big influence for the media to show what gender roles people should follow through), top-of-the-line automobiles (quite popular to own two instead of one), and to purchase land that were in the suburban ('white picket fence' or better yet the Suburban Lifestyle was common to most people). But a good major impact that happened in the 1950's was the gender roles that both men and women played out in this time period. Women were known to be a stay-home mother (housewife) while the husband is the man of the house and provides the family with a good paying job. These 'nuclear families' (families with a husband and wife with one child of each gender and most commonly with a dog) were a prime influence from the media so this role can play out for the better future, even though they were starting to change in the mid-1960. Another key element that I would like to suggest is the Civil Rights Movements that were frequently occurring in the 1960's (especially) to the early 1970's. Non-violent protests lead by Martin Luther King Jr. established a solely statement of non-violence to achieve great success for African Americans due to the racists that still prejudiced against them with Jim Crow laws. In the end, both leaders (possibly many more but out of my knowledge) Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were both killed and the movement helped gained African Americans equal rights (to a certain extend personally) for the future to come. Finally one key element that helped shaped the American Dream concept is the formation of Generation Y (Millennial Generation) concreting the...
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