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Conversational Selling

Top agents makes as much as 30% of their business from for sale by owners (FSBO). Anyone who wants to build a bigger and stronger business will prospect FSBOs since they are a constant and continuous source of business.

Don’t let somebody talk you out of this great prospecting source, because FSBOs should be a key component in building your business. We have included a few steps in which we are outlining the conversational selling process. Contact Landvoice at 888-678-0905 for additional FSBO scripts and objection handlers so you can start growing your business through FSBOs.

1. Paraphrase the Objection
This shows that you are doing something that real estate agents never do…that you are listening to them. It puts you in rapport with them (they lead…then you lead them). It also buys you some additional time to process exactly what they are saying.

2. Give Massive Approval
This will let the prospect know that they can say anything…including the truth about how they really feel…and they will be safe. They’ll open up to you even more. They will even want to solicit further approval from you.

For example: Great! Super! Interesting! Ouch! Good for you! Sounds good!

3. Call Them by Name
This will immediately grab their attention. You hear your name thousands of times during your first six months of life…and this will immediately re-focus their attention back to you and what you are saying! It also personalizes your conversation!

4. Handle the Objection
At this point you are in a sales conversation with them. You can handle an unlimited number of objections…and it sounds like you are simply talking with them.

5. Close for the Appointment / Signature
Remember that YOU are leading the sales conversation…they will automatically follow. This will allow you to close more often…While allowing you to handle an unlimited number of objections (instead of just one or two). Remember that most sales are made...
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