For-Profit Education

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For-Profit Education
For-Profit education has been present for many years however has recently become a popular commodity. The for-profit educational world has been gaining popularity for a number of reasons. These include such aspects as access, student population, financial cost, etc. This paper will explore For-Profit education, a brief history, the students these institutions aim to serve, the intended focus of For-Profits and quality, the impact on higher education, and the roles of student affairs professionals within For-Profits. For-Profit Education and Historical Development

Before examining the development of For-Profits, it is important to define this type of education. Morey (2004) defines For-Profit education as “major providers of entry-level skill training beyond the secondary school level. They offer occupationally oriented certificates and sometimes even associate and bachelor's degrees”(p.133). For-Profit institutions provide education to make money, while traditional colleges accept money to provide an education (Morey, 2004). Although gaining more recent attention, For-Profit education has been present since the 1800s. These schools first provided training in industrial skills such as accounting (Floyd, 2005). In the early to mid-1900s, these schools became marginalized as inexpensive public higher education grew in popularity. However, by the later 1900s, For-Profits found there way back to popularity due to such things as the baby boomer generation, and the 1972 reauthorization of the higher education act which allowed For-Profit institutions to be eligible for financial aid and federal grants (Floyd, 2005). The globalization of education combined with the needs for non-traditional students, and rising tuition of traditional colleges has given way for the For-Profits booming industry. This has greatly affected higher education, especially in regards to the competition that For-Profits have created for traditional colleges and...
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