For or against students working and studying at the same time

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This has been a highly debated topic all over the world. With education now becoming more costly day by day it has become difficult for people to pay for their education. Unlike in the past students now days have a higher scope in various different fields. Turning to the economic aspect of present leading nations, instability is on the rise, therefore leading to parents not being able to pay for their children’s education and the children/students having to work. As we know that in countries like the United States of America children are trained and expected to work after the age of eighteen. I fully believe and am for students working and studying at the same time. While studying and working the student now learns the value of money and education. The two most important factors which a student must understand. When a student goes to get a job while he is studying, he probably does not get a job which pays him a lot but he learns to struggle and realizes the importance of education. This leads to him studying as he now would not want to an average student as he knows where he could land up. Also with the student working he will now not waste money chemicals or any other substance abuse, in fact he will think twice before spending even a dollar because he now knows how difficult it is to earn a dollar. Also now when the when student is bored is can switch from learning to working, not only for money but this also broadens his scope in the field of work. It is also proven that many people who just work to pay their university fees land up changing their profession or what they want to pursue as they suddenly realise that their interests lie in something very different from their current. The practice is a good way to fix the students’ knowledge’s. Many students now try getting jobs related to their field, this way the get on job experience of their subject and can also use the information they gain while working in their university, like a student studying hotel...
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