For Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Geraldine T. Gekin BS PSYCH-3A

1. Discuss the statements of Mr. Luke Brandon

* “Cost and Worth are two different things.”

* Worth and Value are different since worth is a term used to denote how much something will cost. For example, your cell phone might sell P3, 000.00 at So the monetary value attached to any item is an item’s worth. While on the other hand, Value is a term that encompasses emotion as well as cost. For example, your grandma gave you a necklace worth P1, 000.00, to you it might be invaluable and therefore it has low worth but high value. *

* “Security can mean different things for different people.”

* The security of a person is different from the security of other person. For example, when you go to mall, you feel secured for a day if you wear beautiful clothes.

* “I don’t want to be defined by clothes, or labels or family. I want to be successful on my own terms.

* This means that he/she doesn’t want other people to tell him/her that clothes define them. He/ She is still herself/himself regardless of what they wear. They don’t want to be labeled because it doesn’t define them. Labeling someone is just saying that you are too lazy to get to know someone. They do not want to be defined by family meaning they do not want to be known in their own positive way. No stereotyping.

2. What makes Ms. Rebecca Bloomwood a Shopaholic? What makes her “The Girl in the Green Scarf?”

* Ms. Rebecca Bloomwood a Shopaholic because she cannot ignore the sale sign. She tried cutting back, she even tries making more money, but her effort was useless. Becky’s mind setting was to buy herself something, a little something. She will do anything just to get what she wants. What makes her “The Girl in the Green Scarf” was when she went to a clothing sale and inspecting the cashmere coat she just purchased and realized that she was faked because that was not...
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