For Better or for Worse

Topics: Speed, Velocity, Want Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Many elements have contributed in the evolution of a constant changing society. Technology has been a huge instrument in society’s changes. Technology has opened the gates to unheard opportunities but at the same time, those same gates have allowed negative influences to occur within our society. Body image, transportation and social media are three outlets that technology has influenced both positively and negatively. Unrealistic expectations of body images pollute the minds of both young men and women through television, magazines and computers in today’s society. Thin beautiful models are seen everywhere; whether on a magazine or bulletin board, images of society’s ‘perfect’ bodies appear. Big bolded headlines ‘Quick Tips for Perfect Hair’ and ‘How I lost 10lbs. in 10 Days!’ are common and unfortunately eye-catching. The constant reminder of the need for perfection and to fit a ‘beautiful’ mold, constantly defeats men’s and women’s self-esteem. They want to be that attractive guy or girl on that magazine or billboard. They want to be just like the models/celebrities on magazines. They want thighs that don’t touch; they want collarbones, hipbones and a flat stomach; they want a size 7 to turn into a size zero. However, that ‘perfect body’ is a complete mistaken illusion. The people who edit the pictures after a photo shoot completely Photoshop the woman’s/man’s body. Photoshop has become a norm while many people in society are clueless that the image that is seen is not the reality of the actual person. Liam Payne, a member from One Direction, once stated “But that’s not even me, it’s an imposter,” (A Year in the Making), after looking through a magazine where they airbrushed his birthmark. Louis Tomlinson, also part of the band, replied to Liam’s comment stating “Taking away someone’s natural dignity is just wrong,” (A Year in the Making). Not only do the photoshopped photos impact the people who wish they could be like that in a negative way, but also it...

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