For Better of Worse

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Jane DoeDoe1
19 February 2013
For Better or Worse
In June 8th, 2007, Chris Seck wrote an article titled “Arguing For and Against Genetic Engineering”. As the title implies, Seck gives arguments both for and against the modification of genes. Genetic engineering has been an ongoing argument over the past decade. While most argue against genetic engineering, Seck thinks more thought should be put into the pros that genetic engineering could have. Seck presents three main points against genetic engineering. One is that when a parent chooses to modify their unborn child, they are controlling their child’s fate and future without the child’s consent. Seck counter argues with the fact that modifying their DNA, so that they have the best possible outcome of characteristics available, would even out the competition and allow people to not be set back by bad genes to get to their dreams and goals. Secondly some fear that genetic engineering will lead to eugenics, which is the killing off of disabled and unfit humans. Seck counters this with the fact that genetic engineering does not kill off anybody; it just modifies the genes that cause disabilities. The third argument is that the lines between the poor and the rich will become even more spread out. The rich will be able to afford genetic modifications while the poor will not be able to. Seck counters this with the fact that if anyone works hard enough, they can gain enough money to get genetically modified. Seck addresses both sides of the genetic engineering argument with little if not any bias, just the need to let more people know about the pros of it.

Seck uses the emotional appealing rhetorical element, pathos, to persuade the audience into hearing his thoughts on the topic. Hitler and the Nazi’s reign is a delicate topic, especially the Doe2

creating a master race part; when Seck brings it up and compares genetic engineering to it, it makes the audience think; Is genetic...
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