For Any Inner City and Rural Area Summarise the Contrasts Between Them and Explain the Implications of These Contrasts on Social Welfare (15 Marks)

Topics: Unemployment, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: April 28, 2012
There are key differences in the characteristics of the Isle of Purbeck in South East Dorset and Byker Ward in Newcastle upon Tyne; such as the housing type, ethnicity, age structure, wealth, employment and services – unsurprisingly many are interlinked. These also have had key effects on social welfare; which lead to further contrasts between the two areas. Social welfare measures the well-being of communities – shown through jobs, housing, health care and education. The most significant contrast is the housing type. Byker Grove is an inner city electoral ward in Newcastle upon Tyne - consisting of council housing for many decades, whilst the Isle of Purbeck is largely private/owner occupied. In the 1960s, Byker had exclusively small terraced Victorian housing built for those in low paid jobs such as shipbuilding. There were very poor amenities; for example, they had no bathroom. In the 1970s a dramatic new housing scheme was implemented – the most obvious development was the high-rise Byker Wall. Nevertheless, the area continued to provide council housing for the poor – with 58.33% being rented from the council. An exclusively poorer population is likely to have very few qualifications – and hence be unemployed. From this, unemployment is likely to have a further effect of crime and vandalism amongst a minority - lowering the level of social welfare (the council have acknowledged this however and tried to prevent it through the use of street wardens in the shopping area around Shield’s Road). However, one would question such effects on social welfare considering that the new housing should inspire not degrade the area. The Byker Estate has won many awards and part of the Wall is even a grade II listed building. Residents were involved in the design process and care was taken to block out noise from the main road and rail traffic passing the Byker Metro station, for example by using smaller windows. Nevertheless, an area consisting overwhelmingly of council...
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