Footwear Industry Guide

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Updated January 2014

Small Business Help
British Footwear Association – SOU 100 (February 2007 COBRA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]
The BFA represents British based footwear brands and manufacturers providing advice on health and safety, environmental, consumer and trade laws.
Designer Shoe shop – MBP 404 (June 2012 COBRA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] Covers marketing and trading issues, also supplies sources of further information. Footwear (Indication of Composition) Labelling Regulations 1995 –LEG 170 (November 2013 COBRA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]

Shoe Repair – MBP 325 (April 2012 COBRA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] Provides information on the business idea and suggests sources of further research and related fact sheets.
Shoe Shop – BOP 218 (February 2012 COBA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] Covers legislation, trading and marketing issues. Also provides information on the necessary qualifications and skills which are required.

Skillfast – UK - SOU 029 (October 2007 COBRA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] Skillfast – UK is the Sector Skills Council for the UK Apparel, Footwear and Textile Industry; also provides information on research, training and careers available in the industry. Textile Institute – SOU180 (May 2007 COBRA) [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] The Textile Institute promotes the development of sectors associated with textiles, clothing and footwear.


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Market Research and Statistics
Business Ratio Report: Sports Clothing and Footwear 2012 (Key Note 2nd Edition 2012) Provides company profiles, company selection, performance league tables, profitability and industry overview. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]

Clothing & footwear industry 2010 [Market Review] (Key Note 2010 13h edition) [A-Z Sequence by Title] Includes company information, footwear, sportswear, distribution and corporate performance, key trends, market size, buying behaviour and forecasts from 2010 – 2014. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]

Footwear 2013 [Market Report plus] 2013 (Keynote, Market Report 18th edition) Covers market definition, company profiles, market size, SWOT, current issues, buying behaviour and forecasts and league tables. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] Footwear in the United Kingdom 2012 (Passport Euromonitor International: Category Briefing: August 2013)

Covers sales, forecasts, trends, category data and prospects. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]
Footwear/Trends/Room to improve online capabilities UK - (Verdict, August 2013) Article suggest that the footwear industry needs to invest online to keep up with rivals. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]

Footwear Retailing- UK: (Mintel, July 2013)
Provides overview of footwear market, includes information on: the consumer, brand/companies, issues in the market, sector size and forecast. Also looks at types of footwear purchased. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]

How Britain Shops 2013 Footwear (Verdict Consumer Report, August 2013) Provides detailed information on consumer trends in footwear. Also contains executive summary, company profiles, table of contents and figures and conversion rates and sector summary. [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite]

International Challenges and Opportunities for Clothing and Footwear Retailers (Passport Euromonitor International: Global Briefing November 2011) Looks at the issues facing clothing and footwear retailers [Available on Electronic Resource Onsite] Protective clothing & equipment [Market Report] 2012

(Key Note 2012 8th edition) [A-Z sequence by Title]
Contains information relating to footwear and health and safety, also provides company information and company profiles.
Sports clothing & footwear [Market Report] 2013
(Key Note 2011 15th edition)
Contains: forecasts, market size, SWOT and current issues. league tables,...
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