Footnote to Youth Reflection

Topics: Marriage, Cognition, Family Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Footnote to Youth is a story about a farmer’s son named Dodong who got married at seventeen, he asked the permission of his parents to marry Teang, and his father was sort of against it but then he was kind of caught off guard and finally agreed with his son’s decision. Months after the marriage, Teang gave birth to their first son, Blas, after six years, the number of their kids grew while Teang lost her fitness and looked old because of the chores. After years, when Blas reached his teenage year, he decided to marry his girlfriend and Dodong got no other options but to let Blas do what he wants even though he’s against it because he had experienced the burden of early marriage and he didn’t want his son to experience it. The point of the story is that, being is not reasonable being to make a sudden decision. Even if you’re in love to someone, no matter how strong the feeling is, you should still think first of your “what if’s”. You should of the consequences that might come to you if you decided to get married at early age. Life is never easy but then, there are cool and joyous moments somehow, but still, you also have to think that that every happy moments, there is always the opposite. It’s not always happy, there are burdens, pain and challenges on the way. Marriage, too, is not just as simple as saying the word, because indeed, it is something bigger, there is always more behind what you expected it to be. Before going as far as marrying your girl; you have to think first of the hardship your parents gone through just to give you a better future. After reaching your dream, you should think of giving back the all the things your parents sacrificed for you to that they will be able to see the worth of their sacrifices. You should always be certain in every decision you’ll make to avoid life complications. You should be aware that you give to life is the same thing as what life will give you. When Dodong decided to marry Teang, his decision...
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