Footnote to Youth

Topics: Marriage, Time, Fiction Pages: 2 (1198 words) Published: March 5, 2015

Footnote to Youth

1. Explain the title. In what way is it suitable to the story?

A footnote is an added information in a printed page. This time, the author wants to tell the readers using a story the Triumph of Youth and Love and then Life. Life did not fulfill all of Youth’s dreams.

2. What is the predominant element in the story – plot, theme, character, setting? Explain.

It’s the character. Because of what happened to Dodong when he was still young. He really love Teang that later on she bears a child named Blas. And what happened to Dodong also happened to Blas. The characters are very noticeable and can be recognized by the readers because of their strong personality.

3. What sort of conflict confronts the leading character or characters? Explain.

Sort of the conflicts the characters confront is the Man vs. Fate (himself) because all of the conflicts are just all in their minds to their selves or for short Intrapersonal. They’re having regrets on the things that they have done. Sad and sorry for the people they know what life awaits to them.

4. How is the conflict resolved?

By having acceptance and being contented on what life they’re having on the present time and contented with what all they have.

5. How does the author handle characterization? Justify
a. By description?
b. Conversation of the characters?
c. Actions of the characters?
d. Combination of these methods?

It is by the conversation of the characters. His father is very considerable and kind to his son Dodong. Dodong was stubborn when he was still young but when he got older and knew that Blas wanted to mary Tona, he also became of what his father was.

6. Who tells the story? What point of view is used? Explain. a. First person?
b. Third person limited?
c. Omniscient?
Omniscient. The story is told by someone who is outside the story and all-knowing because he narrates not only what is happening in the story but also what the...
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