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European Football and American Football are difference in many ways. However, many people still think that European Football and American Football are the same because they all called “football”, and so there is no difference between playing football in Europe and playing football in America. Though, in my opinion, there are several differences in the offside rule, the objective, and body control. The first difference between Soccer and American Football is the offside rule. In soccer, the offside rule is the most complicated rule. The rule sometimes confused many people even soccer fans. In general, the purpose of the rule is to catch a player offside. A player is called offside when he or she is over the opponent’s goal line when receiving the ball from the teammates. If the player is over the line, an assistant referee will raise the flag for offside position. However, if the player is even with the line while receiving the ball from his or her teammates then that player is in the correct position. On the other hand, the offside rule in American Football is completely different. A player is called for offside when players from both teams line up facing each other, if defensive players or offense from two teams let any part of their body cross the “scrimmage” line when the ball is snapped. The referee will call for office by throwing a yellow flag. The second difference between Soccer and Football are the objective. The objective of European Football is to kick the ball into the net on the other team’s side. In order to score goals, midfielders have to control and pass the ball well to create chances for strikers to score goals. In contrast, the objective in American Football is to score touchdowns. A quarterback job is to throw the ball to an offense player to score touchdowns, and defensive players have to stop the opposite defensive players to get the ball or to stop the ball from a quarterback. The last...
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