Football Has Impacted Our Society in Many Ways

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There are three things I would never consider doing. Those three things I would never do would be killing someone else purposely, killing myself purposely, and I would never be gay. Though there are many things I would never consider doing, I think that those three topics stood out or were more of the major things. I also think that they were extremely important and crucial to include in my essay. In my mind picking these three topics tell a lot about a person and even in some cases, a bit how they were raised. My first topic was that I would never purposely kill someone. The reason I say purposely is because you never know. One day I might get in a car accident and accidentally kill someone. It wasn’t intentionally, but I still killed someone. Anyways, the reason I chose this topic is because I think I would have too much guilt and shame. Eventually I would crack and be taken to jail. That would ruin my life. Not only would it ruin my life, but I could ruin whoever I killed family. That family’s heart would be broken and demolished. Life is already as hard as it is. Why bring more pain and hatred to this world. The second topic of mine was never killing myself purposely. I always hear these stories on how people kill themselves. Sometimes it is because of bullying and other times because people have lost it all. In my opinion I just think they are mentally weak. I understand that sometimes life is tough but don’t let other people get to you. If there is a problem in the way then you must figure out how to overcome that obstacle. No one said life was easy, but to me that is not a reason to quit. Just because you don’t know how to solve a problem doesn’t mean kill yourself. I also believe killing yourself is a major sin in which you will spend your after life in hell. My third topic of choice was that I would never be gay. What I mean as in gay is being a homosexual. Though I am not against homosexuality I don’t really support it. I also think that if

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