Football Essay

Topics: National Football League, American football, Football, Super Bowl, Pittsburgh Steelers / Pages: 1 (438 words) / Published: May 8th, 2015
Julien Attaway
MAG Greene
4th Marking Period History Project

Football Essay Foot ball has been around for decades, early as since the 1800’s. The concept of football was first properly known as “gridiron football.” It was first played between Princeton and Rutgers. This new sport originated from rugby. In football, there has been lots and lots of many teams. Some being in the organization since the the 1930’s. The first NFL team was the Chicago Cardinals. Than the Packers join the organization in 1922. They were first a part of the APFA before they were a part of the
NFL. The APFA meant “American Professional Football Association” and was founded in
1919. APFA then turned into the NFL in 1922. Then from 1922 through 1940, the NFL took in the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, Washington
Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cleveland. The newest team to have join the NFL is the “Houston Texans.” Watching football has been always a traditions for Americans. A tradition for football is playing ball on different days. High school plays on friday nights, college plays ball on
Saturday's, and the NFL, of course, plays on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Playing on
Thanksgiving day is also a very big day for football because all over America families gather around their tv to watch football throughout the day. And the biggest day of football is the
Super Bowl, which is when the the best teams in each conference, AFC and NFC, face on
Sunday night and one of the biggest nights in America. Also college has many divisions within the college. As going from Division I through III. There are many ways the NFL obtain and receive players. One of these ways is to take part in the NFL draft. The nfl draft is when each team has a certain amount of time to select one college player who decided join the draft after two years of playing college ball.
Once a team decides to select a player that player is

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