Foot over Bridge.

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foot over bridge. Foot Over Bridge Introduction:
Before me & my group members start our presentation I would like to share the reason of selecting this topic as our presentation topic. There are many reasons behind that but the main reason is the student of EEE department of our university who died in a road accident while crossing the road in mohakhali a few months ago. Why he was crossing the road while there is a foot over bridge? May be he wants to save time because he was late for the class? But what happened? Did he able to attend the class? The answer is NO. So what did we learn for that? We learn that one life is more important & precious than ten minutes. But like that boy many other people of our country may not think that. As a result people falls in unwanted & unexpected situation which leads to serious injury or death. So please from now on try to use foot over bridge, don’t avoid it only for saving time. Today our group will focus on some aspects of foot over bridge like 1. Our bad practices in case of road crossing

2. the outcomes of avoiding foot over bridge
3. Some misuses of foot over bridge & how we can get rid of those misuses 4. Findings or message of our presentation.

Our bad practices in case of road crossing:
Every year 597 people dies in Dhaka while crossing road. Not only that last year 36 students lost their lives while crossing road in Dhaka. What are the reasons behind this some will say inexperienced drivers, or some will say less number of available food bridge etc. But believe or not our government is costing more money in making foot over bridge than shelter sector .There are 46 foot over bridges only in Dhaka , not only that 6 other foot over bridges are going through under the construction right now. After knowing those stats will anybody can denier that fact that every year that use number of people are dying because of...
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