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Podophilia is a disorder that sends a signal to the brain and stimulates arousal. This disorder is one of the most common forms of fetishism that does not involve a sexual organ. Podophilia refers to a sexual obsession with feet or anything pertaining to feet. Some symptoms of this disorder include a sexual attraction to feet, excessive amounts of time spent thinking about feet and sexual fantasies involving feet. Many fetishists are aroused by painted toenails, bare feet, the smell of feet, or even dressed feet. Podophilia usually develops during a person’s discovery of who they are sexually This disorder is more common in males; in fact, males account for over 70% of cases. Treatment for this disorder includes psychoanalysis, hypnosis, and behavior therapy.

Podophilia: Sexual Interest or Obsession in Feet
An Overview:

Podophilia is a branch of fetishism that involves feet or footwear. It is a disorder in which a person gets sexually aroused by feet or anything concerning feet. This disorder is found mostly in men and can be mild, moderate, or severe in which a person may need serious treatment. Symptoms of Podophilia include but are not limited to having repeated sexually arousing fantasies, behaviors, and urges that involve lifeless objects such as feet or shoes. A foot fetishist is usually aroused by seeing, touching, smelling, and kissing the feet or toes of another person or by having someone else carry out these actions on them. Foot fetishism, also known as Podophilia, was believed to be a genetic disorder but was actually discovered to cultivate during a person’s sexual development. An individual with this disorder can face an excessive amount of distress and may face social or personal dysfunction if the disorder is severe. However, not all individuals with a foot fetish need treatment. If an individual accepts the fact that they have this disorder, no treatment is necessary.

What is a case...

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