Foot and National Youth Team

Topics: Foot, Winston Churchill, Mantis Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: April 21, 2015
With Persistence and Time we can overcome anything.
As a student, I come across tough obstacles each year. The same is true in life. Everyone encounters obstacles, but in order to succeed, we must never give up. I love judo, but unfortunately two years ago, little muscle pulls and strains prevented me from fighting to the best of my ability. One day, I had a tournament against Cuba’s National Youth Team. I began jumping up and down moderately to stay warm, and somewhat let out some of my excitement. By this time I had butterflies in my stomach and the adrenaline was coarsely pumping through my veins. The referee asked my opponent and me to come on the mat. The referee said “Fighters shake hands.” My palms were sweating as I shook my opponent’s hand. “Ready? “Hashime!” I cautiously moved in, reached and grasped my opponent - out witting him with my Ashi-waza technique (a skillful foot technique used in judo). Gathering all the strength that I had in me I held on the gee (the jacket) of my opponent in the hopes of guaranteeing a clearance. I had just put my leg in the Harai goshi position when my opponent stepped on my foot and my right ankle gave out. I fell to the floor face flat. I heard a gasp from the crowd. The referee came and questioned me: “Can you go on any further with the match?” For a moment I was pondering whether or not I should continue with the match or throw in the towel. I even began to doubt whether I had enough stamina to go the next round. Then I remembered something I read about Winston Churchill who said “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” So I got up and decided to continue the match. Fighting as delicately as I could, I found myself basically fighting like a praying mantis. It was my first time getting injured in a fight and I kept fighting, even though I didn’t look very graceful. Suddenly I swept my opponent off his feet with my injured leg. The crowd went wild. I won a bronze in my division and got a special...
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