Foodborne Illness Salmonella

Topics: Immune system, Antibody, White blood cell Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: July 21, 2014

Foodborne Illness Salmonella
Mrs. Cynthia Neldner

The infectious agent (pathogen) that causes salmonella is called salmonella enteriditis. The bacteria is larger than a virus; but, is visible to the eye with the microscope. It is rod-shaped, gram negative, non-motile bacteria that does not form spores. Interestingly enough it communicates to its fellow bacteria via AHL. It infects the cell, multiplies within it then bursts the cell. Special effector protein factors are required for salmonella intestinal invasion and the induction of fluid secretion and for inflammatory responses. There are about six names species names of it, salmonella enteritidis, and salmonella enteric which cause the human disease. Salmonellosis is spread to people by ingestion of Salmonella bacteria that contaminate food. Salmonella is worldwide and can contaminate almost any food type, but outbreaks of the disease have involved raw eggs, raw meat (ground beef and other poorly cooked meats), egg products, fresh vegetables, cereal, pistachio nuts, tomatoes, and contaminated water. The most recent major outbreak (summer 2010) involved Salmonella-contaminated eggs from several U.S. producers that have caused the recall of over 500 million eggs. Contamination can come from animal or human feces that contact the food during its processing or harvesting. New data about types of food contamination (food poisoning by Salmonella spp.) is available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the FDA. The immune system protects against disease through a series of steps called the immune response. The cells that are responsible for the body’s reaction to a disease are the white blood cells or leukocytes. There are two main types of these cells which play an important part in the protection of the body against disease. Leukocytes are stored and created in bone marrow, spleen and thymus. They are housed in the lymph nodes throughout the body. These...
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