foodborne illness

Topics: Foodborne illness, Gastroenteritis, Escherichia coli Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Foodborne Illnesses
Imagine yourself spending the night out with your friends. You all decide to visit this new restaurant that everyone has been talking about. The atmosphere is nice and the food tastes great. Everything goes well that is at least until you get home. Your stomach doesn’t feel quite right. Over the next few days you find yourself feeling really sick. You just can’t seem to keep any food down. You think to yourself maybe it’s just a stomach bug and it will go away in a day or two. A few days has now turned into a few weeks. To make matters worse your friends who you went out to dinner with have been feeling just as sick as you are. It is quite possible that you and your friends have all been stricken with a foodborne illness. A foodborne illness also known as food poisoning as it’s most often called is caused by eating or drinking any type of food or beverage that has been contaminated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) it is estimated that almost 76 million cases of foodborne illnesses occur in the United States every year. This total amounts to one in four Americans becoming sick with a foodborne illness by eating foods that has been contaminated with such pathogens or bacteria such a E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria just to name a few. Approximately 325,000 people a year are hospitalized because of food poisoning. Out of that number 5,000 people have died from contracting a foodborne illness. Harmful bacteria such as salmonella, Ê. Coli and Campylobacter which are found in raw poultry and meat are the most common cause of foodborne illnesses. Such foods are most likely to have been contaminated while being slaughtered in the farm in which they were raised. Fruits and vegetables can also be contaminated depending on the type of soil used and the process in which they have been harvested. Other organisms that cause foodborne illnesses are fungal such as poisonous mushrooms, Contamination also occurs in the way...
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