Food Web

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Food Web Diagram Temperate Forest:

Lynx (C) Wolf (C) Bear (C) Cougar (C)

Amphibians (C) Raccoons (C) Birds (C)

Squirrel, Mice, and Chipmunks (C) Salmon (C) Insects (C, D) Deer and Elk (C)

Primary Producer and Decomposer
Trees and Plants

The above food web describes how all the major categories of organism can work to together in an ecosystem. First let’s describe the producers, these are plants and trees the produce energy into the ecosystem. Next the consumer, there are three different types herbivores (deer), carnivores (birds), and omnivores (bears). Then the last category is decomposers, which happen to be like a consumer but they feed off animal dropping and dead organisms. This way it can break down and return the nutrients to the soil. They all complete a cycle which in returns works with the ecosystem making it stronger. With the human population growing they put a potential hazard of killing and damaging the areas. This would then create chaos in the ecosystem, which could cause the food chain to change.
Some of the abiotic factors present in this ecosystem as of today are rocks, water, sunlight, wind, and temperature. According to the food chain for the ecosystem in which I have selected, one of the animals in it was a lynx. Lynx eat small prey such as rabbits, fish, mice, and various types of birds. They are prayed on by eagles and owls; also wolves coyotes and cougars. Since the lynx has lived in a temperate forest it has adapted it fur in the winter. Also they have over the years gotten longer legs and larger feet have to hurt better in the snow. The temperate forest is home to many organisms, the web above allowed me to analyze and helped me understand the principles of ecology and how the interactions of different organism can create a biodiversity

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