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Food waste

By makaylarwalker Apr 20, 2015 520 Words
MaKayla Walker
April 22, 2015

Analyze Critical Issue

The amount of food that is thrown out every year is continually growing. Most people do not understand how much throwing out food can affect our world. Food waste is becoming a increasing critical issue in our environment as well as economics. Millions of pounds are throw out each year just in the United States alone. In order to fix this critical issue some actions will need to be taken place. Some programs have started to donate extra food and purchase less food to help food waste. More people need to be aware and help take action with these programs to lessen our food waste complication.

Being involved with Agricultural Leadership, Education, and communications can help me take action in food waste. With some knowledge I have received from agricultural I can help others understand what food waste is doing to our environment. My communication knowledge will assist me in informing others in a way they can understand. Leadership will play an important role that can help me spread the word and help control the food waste quantity. Learning about leadership has taught me to lead in a proper manner. Successful leader is someone who leads with a purpose and guides others for a certain goal; in this case food waste. My first action I can take to help terminate food waste is to be a good role model. People need a role model and will follow by example. I can start buying less food and donating food I will not use or eat. To be a leader and have a goal of ending food waste I can also start an organization to spread the word of wasting food. Knowledge of food waste is effective way to help stop food waste.

In order to effectively work my organization I will need to get other stakeholders involved. Big stakeholders of food waste involve restaurants, factories, grocery stores and farms. These mass productions of food can help support the end of food waste by donating unneeded food, producing less, and buying less. Many productions will not use products that are unique. Unique as in shaped differently then normal or anything they believe a customer will not buy. Instead of throwing away “unique” foods they can donate the perfectly fine foods. Donating will be crucial part in helping the food waste issue.

In 5 years I hope to see major improvements in the food waste production. I also wish that more people would be aware of the effects of food waste. Although I know food waste will never completely disappear I do hope to see major improvements.

In conclusion, food waste has been an increasing problem not just in the United States but also around the world. What is our food waste could be someone in needs dinner. Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication will assist me in being part of the solution of food waste by being a leader and educator. I hope that one day our food waste quantity will be low and we will give the unwanted food where it is needed.

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