Food Wastage

Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Problem solving Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: April 17, 2013
To carry out detailed investigation of the problem areas and identify innovative solutions to tackle 50% of food wasted every year despite undeveloped countries suffering from starvation. Objective-

Our primary objective is to create awareness and produce either a service or product that will reduce or eradicate the amount of food wasted. This will be accomplished through our ability to understand the knowledge, stimuli and insight through our research to produce an innovative solution. It will be important to think outside the box there for methods to provoke our thinking is needed and carrying out creative thinking methods will be applied. The importance of an innovative solution-

Understanding the phrase “the only thing that is constant is change” states that it is vital that we adapt, keep up with change or just get left behind. In a business organisation being innovative is a key factor to survival and staying on top of the game. This does not just apply to businesses but to our economy, society and every individual, there for innovation is not an option but a must. Discovering an innovative solution-

Innovation can occur in different areas of an organisation, either from the business model stage to the product stage, the marketing stage, manufacturing processing stage, supply chain stage or the organisational stage. To discover an innovative solution to tackle the issues of food wastage, important steps will be taken to identify a disruptive innovation or a sustaining innovation. Steps should be taken to create a problem definition and to discover the knowledge, stimuli & insights is needed. Knowledge + Stimuli + Insight + Problem definition = Connection. To be innovative it is not enough just to have a connection but to have a creative connection needs to be established. But to produce creative unusual connection the use of creative thinking and creative problem solving is needed. Creative thinking methods such as...
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