Food Warning Labels

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Junk food Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Warning Labels
Sergio Mansilla
Devry University

People know what are they exactly they are eating? No because there is no warning labels in the food packages. Same may oppose my position. To argue that warning labels are necessary for fast food. It would cause consumers to think twice before they decide to eat fast food. However, my research has says warning labels should be on food and help people understands what they are eating. “Americans continue to face many challenges as they debater these important issues and aim to make the food supply as safe as possible”. Warning labels should be including in food packages because they will help people take control of what they consume and food industries will have to provide healthier options. People will become more aware of what they are eating if there are labels on food packages. It would help them be more involved in what they eat. And with food labels they will be more educate know more about the facts on the nutrition label. In this book by Victoria Sherrow are a published author and an illustrator of children’s books and young adult books. Some of the published credits of Victoria Sherrow include Jonas Salk: Beyond the Microscope (Makers of Modern Science), about food safety (2008) it touches on an issues how important is labeling laws. They say that currents laws give food product companies too much give discretion, in terms that what they are list and how they are listing it. One contentious area is involves labeling genetically modified the GM foods. Publication of the FDA stated that labeling is required for information that is material, to avoid false misleading statements (Sherrow 2008). This means that the food labeling is required for most prepared foods, such as breads, cereals, canned and frozen foods, snacks, desserts, drinks. Nutrition labeling for raw produce fruits and vegetables, fish is voluntary. We refer to these products as conventional foods. Because nutrition labeling in...

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