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Food truck analysis

By ragingrey Mar 15, 2014 812 Words
Studies have shown that due to the apparent combination of economic and technological factors combined with "street food" and conforming with being what it is considered "in" by the young generation; gourmet trucks' menus run the gamut of ethnic and fusion cuisine. These street food stalls often focusing on limited but creative dishes at reasonable prices, they offer customers a chance to experience food that they otherwise may not be able to. Street food has also evolved with the growing need of its consumers thus the creation of food trucks. While one truck may specialize in outlandish burgers, another may serve only pizza cones. Due to its popularity, food truck franchises began to form, catering to the public who were searching for these delicious gourmet treats. Gourmet Streets, one of the most respected food truck franchises in America became a huge sensation as a result of this gourmet revolution.

Food trucks started in the late 1800s in America by Charles Goodnight as a means of transporting and cooking food for cattlemen. Mobile food trucks or "roach coaches", was known to serve construction workers and other blue collar professionals. Food trucks nowadays not only serve meals but also desserts. As aforementioned above, some have established themselves as restaurants-on-wheels selling prime meals. Because of the nature of the mobile truck, it can very well serve you any time of the day; whether breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time of the truck's arrival.

With this, the proponents will be creating a food truck that will sell food for the "on-the-go" costumer such as students, working professionals and the like.

Overview of the Concept
The researchers have observed that there is an abundance of Filipinos who patronize street food, fast food and the like. The idea of creating a food truck business in the Philippines is to target and capitalize this said market. As more and more Filipinos are embracing the fast paced trend of today’s society the food truck business will be more than capable of catering to their needs. The food truck will offer a variety of carefully constructed, deliciously invented high protein, high carb, and energy loaded meals served in medium sized proportions. All meat and no green, just pure energy is our motto. Reaserch has proven that the food truck will be very effective with its flexibility and adaptabilty to any area as long as there is a road with hungry, busy people. It will be operated by the 4 owners with 8 hour shifts. The first shift will serve 2 hours for the morning rush then 3 hours catering to the hungry lunch eating machine and the remaining 3 hours will be for the merienda cunsumers who seemingly won't last a day without their afternoon meal. The second shift will focus more on the night market, catering to people who work from dinner time to the wee hours of the morning. Business will start at 6 pm to 2am shifting venues from the pioneer center in mandaluyong to the call center heart of the country, libis.

Business Name
“Yeah Men” Meals on Wheels
Epic Meal Truck
Meat Wagon
Type of service
semi dine in
Mezza norte
Cusina andare (Glorietta 3 park "Fri-Sun)
Banchetto, Pioneer center and Libis
Type of ownership:
General partnership

Organizational chart:

Officers & staff of the business (rotation of positions):
- person who has control or direction of an institution, business

- inspecting and auditing financial accounts also helps in taking orders.

– does prep work and cooking duties.

– responsible for calling & expediting orders from the customer.

Benefits & Allowance

1. Free food
-the food is free to our entire employee during their work shift.

2. Free Uniform
-Our company is provides free uniform for our crew/s. The number of uniform will be based on your time availability.

3. Recognition
-once you have been doing well on your job you can be one of our Crew of the Month, Crew of the Quarter & Crew of the Year

4. 13th month pay
-Every year, you are entitled to a 13th month pay, which is equivalent to ½ of your basic salary. This is released not later than December 24.

-The philhealth program provides benefits for hospital room and board allowance, allowance for medical, laboratory examination, X-ray, surgeon fee, operating room fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, & medical and dental practitioner’s fee. However, the allowance will not necessarily cover the total expense incurred.

-The Social Security System provides benefits and services to the covered employees and their families. The company and the employees jointly make monthly contributions to the SSS

-coverage of the PAG-IBIG fund is mandatory upon all employees covered by the Social Security System and earning a monthly compensation of at least P4,000 -the company and the covered employees shall contribute to the Fund an amount equivalent to two precent (2%) of the monthly compensation of each covered employee.

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