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Hedonic rating test:

| |1 |2 |3 |4 |
|Like a lot |5 | | | |
|Like a | | |4 | |
|little | | | | |
|Neither | |3 | |3 |
|Dislike a | | | | |
|little | | | | |
|Dislike a | | | | |
|lot | | | | |


Evaluation against the initial design criteria and suitability for target group: This dish is of Italian theme, which is the theme I chose in my design criteria. However, I think it would be improved to fit with the target group of adults better. I should use more of a complex recipe for an adult group.

Name of product: Pasta Carbonara Theme: Italian
Photograph: Star profile:

My dish was successful in ways but also some aspects were unsuccessful. During my preparation I decided that replacing the usual white sauce with plain scrambled egg. This would make my dish healthier. Good points There are several reasons why my dish was successful. Firstly, I used red peppers and garnished it. This enhanced the colour of my dish, making it more eye catching and desirable. The bacon in my dish were cut into squares which are easy to eat, this makes the dish simpler. Also, the bacon adds natural flavourings to the dish. This decreased the amount of extra salts and flavourings which I needed to add to the dish. My pasta was cooked perfectly: not over cooked and not under cooked, so it was pleasant to eat. Finally, my ratio of pasta to bacon and vegetables was good. Fore example, there wasn’t too much bacon to the amount of pasta. Bad points There are also ways in which my dish wasn’t as successful as possible. Although, taking out the white sauce made the dish healthier, it made it more bulky. This is as the egg clumped together with the pasta. Any improvements: If I were to make this dish again I would consider putting the white sauce back in. The main reason why I took it out in the first place, was to make my dish healthier. Therefore if I were to put a sauce back in, it would have to be low in fat and high in nutrients. I could do this by making a white sauce with low fat butter or margarine. Also, I could try using wholemeal flour. This would change the colour of my dish slightly but would make it healthier as it is higher in fibre and vitamins. I could consider completely changing the sauce into a tomato sauce or a mustard white sauce. This would make the dish more interesting and less bland by adding extra flavours. A tomato sauce is high in protein and would be suitable with a range of different vegetables. Sustainability My dish was sustainable as the bacon, although it was bought in a supermarket, was sourced from a local farm. This means that the meat hadn’t travelled for miles, reducing air miles and pollution. This was also the case for the eggs I used. However, the sustainability could have been improved as the peppers weren’t locally sourced as they were imported from Spain. This means that I have...
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