Food Stamps in America – Creative Thinking

Topics: Barack Obama, Idea, Thought Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: December 7, 2012
FOOD STAMPS IN AMERICA – CREATIVE THINKING 2 Many people would find this topic to be a problematic one. Those who do not need the services of Food Stamps benefits would say the government should not spend money, and others who putting food on the table is harder for them, and they are depending on the program would say “Thank You” to our president Barak Obama. To address this topic in a creative way, I would first write about some victims whose lives were destroyed during natural disasters such as earthquakes, or weather related issues. After that part, I believe answering questions the audience may have would help, such as: how to apply, who is eligible, what are the benefits of having food stamps, what are food stamps, etc. I believe people of all backgrounds would appreciate to learn about the program, and it will eliminate the questions, doubts, and prejudgment of the topic, as many people believe food stamps is a waste of government money. I will bring a scenario that would show many people that food stamps is not a shameful thing, and remind the audience that anyone could go from rich to needy, and if they will, they just might have to apply. It is just as nice as receiving a gift card, so one could buy something nice they usually would not buy, but this one is for food purposes.

A good way to promote curiosity would be to think about questions that my audience either would not think of, but would be very surprised to read about, or ask questions they might not dare to ask themselves, and provide answers for these questions. Many people would have questions on their minds, but would be embarrassed to ask them, providing answers to such questions may get the audience to be more curious about the article, it might get them to think what else is the article discussing, it might provide them with answers to questions they may never dare to ask a person face-to-face because of the admission of slackness for that...
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