Food Service Operation Report

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Fantasian Café is a combination of a café with a comic shop. This idea came from among us, where we want a new concept in our café. Since all of us love comics, we implement the comic shop concept. This concept is still new, and spreading slowly in the industry. We like to try something new and challenging. Therefore, Fantasian Café is born. The café is situated at the 1st floor of West Atrium in Megamall Seberang Perai. It is only 10 minuets from Juru toll. The shop lot is hidden, so it suits the environment where it is quite and less crowded. So accommodate our customer to read. More over, the shop lots around it are beauty saloons, comic store and computer software shop, and a Quantum showcase shop.

To be the main comic café in Penang.
To have our own followers from our membership.
To fulfill our customer needs and to satisfy needs.

To gain profit and maintain our sales.
To get more personal with our customer.

1.3 LOGO

Font: The colour of green represents the environment of the café that are pleasant and


1-79, 1st Floor West Atrium, Megamall Seberang Jaya, 13500, Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang. Phone number: 04-3492135
Fax numbers: 04-3492036

Website :

As we know, Islam stated that one of the best ways to get money is by doing business. So as a Muslim, we want to take the opportunity to get into the business. And as we all agree, we formed Fantasian Café. Fantasian Café is a partnership company that fully own by Bumiputera. The shop lot is situated at 1-79, 1st Floor West Atrium, Megamall Seberang Jaya, 13500, Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang. Phone number is 04-3492135 with fax number 04-3492036.The company was formed on 19th July 2006. With a starting capital of RM50, 000. The equity distributions are as follow: General Manager - 31%

Financial Manager - 23%
Marketing Manager - 23%
Operation Manager - 23%


Name of RestaurantFantasian Café

ThemeComic Café

Telephone numbers04-3492135

Fax numbers04-3492036

Location1-79, 1st Floor West Atrium, Megamall Seberang Jaya, 13500, Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang

Form of businessPartnership

Main purpose of businessFood and beverage outlet combine with comic store

Total of capitalRM50, 000

Equity distributionGeneral ManagerRM 15,500
Operation ManagerRM 11,500
Marketing ManagerRM 11,500
Financial ManagerRM 11,500


NameIC NumberEquity ContributionEquity RatePosition
Zarith Sofia Rahim840117-08-5290RM 15,50031%General Manager Nurul Nadiah Anuar861004-08-5078RM 11,50023%Operation Manager Norbaizura Mohd Yusoff830129-14-5300RM 11,50023%Marketing Manager Fatanah Ibrahim861110-56-5390RM 11,50023%Financial Manager

PositionNet salary (RM)EPF 12% (RM)SOCSO
(RM)Total salary (RM)
Administration manager (General Manager)RM 1550.00RM 186.00RM 6.75 RM 1357.25 Marketing ManagerRM 1150.00RM 138.00RM 5.25RM 1006.75
Operation ManagerRM 1150.00RM 138.00 RM 5.25RM 1006.75
Financial ManagerRM 1150.00RM 138.00RM 5.25RM 1006.75
Total (RM)RM 5000.00RM 600.00RM 22.50RM 4377.50

Important to make sure our business runs smoothly and systematically. By organizing the division of work can be more specific. A good organization will produce the best effect to our business. Each shareholder is assign a specific tasks and responsibilities associated with individuals. We practice centralization in our organizational structure. Where centralization being describes as the degree to which decision making is concentrated at a single point in the organization. This is suitable because we are involved from the top to the bottom management. In a simple word we are the employer and also the...
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