Food Security

Topics: Poverty, Food security, 2007–2008 world food price crisis Pages: 8 (2496 words) Published: June 7, 2011

Food security means to create a condition where enough food is ensured to meet the dietary needs for a productive and healthy life. But, the fact is that About 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes which testify to global food insecurity. Global food crisis is the external reason of food crisis in Bangladesh. There are many more domestic reasons. Over the last three decades rice and wheat production in Bangladesh increased more than double. But, as the demand was always higher, Bangladesh is always dependent on food import. Two key reasons are identified for the prevailing food crisis in Bangladesh. These are the two floods that occurred last season and the cyclone ‘SIDR’ which caused shortfall of production. The shortfall is generally minimized by food import and food aid. The food aid is declining and the food price in world market likely to remain high in upcoming years as well due to global food crisis. So, food crisis will continue to pose a serious problem for Bangladesh in foreseeable future. Ensuring food security needs a balanced approach of three factors associated with the issue i.e. food availability, access and utilization. However, other associated measures like price incentive to the farmers, agricultural research, modernization and diversification of farming should get proper priority.


1.The world is facing multidimensional security problems in the 21ST century. Food crisis is one of them. This issue is posing considerable security threat towards world peace. In general term food crisis means either enough food is not available or people do not have access to food. The world food stock situation is alarming due to increasing demand of food. As a result food price is rising. Over three billion people, half the world population are affected by food crisis. While food rebellions across the globe have only made headlines, governments have been promising to end hunger for over 30 years. So, food crisis is relatively an old issue. This global food crisis is leading to food security problem to most of the developing countries of the world. 2.Bangladesh has been trying consistently to achieve food sufficiency since independence. Though the country could achieve that for the first time in the year 2000 but could never ensure food security for its citizen. Approximately half of the population (63 million people) live below the food poverty line, and spend 70 per cent of their household income on food. So, the majority of the people fail to ensure enough food to fulfill the dietary needs for a productive and healthy life- the main requirement of food security. This demoralizing fact testifies that a genuine food crisis situation exists in Bangladesh. 3.At this backdrop the focus of this study will be to find out how food crisis impacts on food security of Bangladesh and suggest the modalities to ensure food security in Bangladesh. This paper work is based on books, newspaper articles, internet based publications, reports and general discussion with experts in the field of food security. Out of different food items the discussion will be limited to food grains only. To conform to the focus of the study, initially the paper will give an overview idea regarding food security aspects in domestic perspective only. Finally the paper will suggest some ways to ensure food security in Bangladesh with few recommendations.

4.The aim of this paper is to carry out critical study on food crisis and its effect on ensuring food security of Bangladesh.

5.According to legislative reforms to Public Law 480, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1992, Food security is the condition in which all people at all times have both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs for a...

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