Food Security

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Food Security Definition:
«Access to sufficient food by all people at all times for an active and healthy life” The UAE food security definition is to design short and long term strategies around the Food and Agriculture Organization>s (FAO) recommended three dimensions: Availability, Affordability and Accessibility. Availability – Whether sufficient supplies are available either from domestic production or on global markets. Accessibility – Whether supplies of food can be delivered to UAE consumers. Affordability – Whether food supplies are affordable for all the segments of the UAE resident population.

Project Structure
The object of the project is to provide short term and longer term strategies for the improvement of food security for the UAE. Project initiatives include: DevelopingsustainablelocalfoodproductionsuitableforUAE Providingsufficientavailabilityoffoodtocomfortablysupportthepopulation Utilizingthemostefficientsupplychainstoaccessthebestfoodsources Monitoringglobalandlocalfoodpricesoffoodcommodities Phase 1 covers a detailed quantitative analysis of the supply and demand for the main categories of food consumed in the UAE. It includes an analysis of the supply chain for each commodity and both top down and bottom up analyses of demand. Phase 2 provides short term recommendations for actions to improve food security, focusing in particular on the establishment of strategic reserves for each category Phase 3 covers longer term recommendations for enhancing domestic production and improving supply chain security for imports. Phase 4 covers the management and governance framework for food security.

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