Food Scientist Interview

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One of the most unusual aspects of food science I learned about is the process of microencapsulating. Smells or gasses are microencapsulated and added to food to make it smell better. This process is done to make cheaper foods more appealing. Also there are many parts to food science. It starts with the engineering and chemistry (the making of the food), to the microbiology (making the food last long in packages), and end in the consumer trends (making the food sell better). Finally there actually is a major called food science or food technology.

At the start I was a bit nervous about what my interviewee would be like. After talking to her on the phone and seeing that she was nice my nervousness decreased and knew the interview would go well. I was also worried that I wouldn't have enough questions to fill up the time I said I would need. This thought soon went away when I realized she was an avid talker.

During the interview my interviewee was very responsive. She talked about all the parts of food science, and she gave me a lot of good information. She also gave me a magazine of food technology. Over all she helped me out as much as she could. I thought this interview project was fun. Mostly I liked the in person interview. It was a great experience. I did not like all the prep work. I especially did not like the question writing and making them good questions. Despite disliking the question writing having good questions came in handy during the interview. I definitely think you should do this next year.
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