Food Safty

Topics: Nutrition, Foodborne illness, Bacteria Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Food Safety Bulletin

Food Safety Bulletin
Due to the current extreme increase in cases of foodborne illness in the community, this newspaper is equipped to convey behaviors to help people stay healthy in the current distraction of the city. Since the majority of these cases are linked to food sources it seems necessary to address the community on their food buying habits, storage techniques, and food preparation. First, ensure that the food is purchased from reputable retailer. Second, check the sell-by and best-buy dates to make sure products are being rotated properly by the venders and that food past their expiration dates are being pulled from the shelves. Before purchasing, inspect the food for broken seals, popped safety lids, dents, or swelling. Also check to make sure packages are sealed and secure in their original form. When returning home with food make sure to put refrigerated and freezer items away as soon as possible. During preparation keep meats and other foods separate and do not use the same cutting board or knife. It is also smart to clean surfaces and wash hands in between each item. There are many forms of foodborne illness cases because of the large variety of microbes that can cause illnesses. The three main forms are bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These can come in contact with food in many ways. The main sources for bacteria contaminations are raw or undercooked food, human bacteria transmission, and fecal contamination. Water contaminated with fecal matter can also spread viruses to vegetables and shellfish. Parasites can be spread through raw fish, raw or undercooked meat and fecal contaminated foods. Most of these microbe contamination illnesses start with flu-like symptoms and progress from there. Some of these symptoms can start in as little as two hours after eating contaminated food and could last for months or even cause death if untreated. So be sure to buy produce from a reputable business along with washing,...

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